The Avoncliff Community Group represents the community that live & work in Avoncliff and meets regularly to discuss issues that may effect the community and offers a channel for ideas for making Avoncliff a pleasant place to live, work & visit.

Avoncliff is within the area covered by the adopted West Wiltshire District Plan. This Plan identifies the hamlet as Iying within the Cotswold’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Policy C2 of this Plan states that within this area the District Council will not permit development proposals likely to be detrimental to its special landscape character. The hamlet is also within an Area of High Ecological Value and policy C6 states that the District Council will not permit development proposals which are considered to be harmful to the ecological interest of these scarce habitats.

Avoncliff has a designated conservation area, within which there are additional restrictions on development proposals. The District Council supports proposals to maintain and develop the tourist and recreational potential of the Kennet and Avon Canal provided they do not detract from the character of the canal, its ecological value.