We need your help to keep the magic of this unspoiled wood just outside the city of Bath alive.


Avoncliff Wood needs your help 

Plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale, Avoncliff is an enchanting wood just a few miles outside the historic city of Bath.  Virtually untouched for generations, it is a true sleeping beauty, filled with an ethereal quality that is rare to find.

Thanks to a lack of formal paths and human disturbance, the wood has been left to flourish, blossoming into a tranquil haven for wildlife. Swathes of ramsons carpet the woodland floor in a sea of green, and the banks of the beautiful River Avon are just a short distance away.

A golden opportunity to treasure this wood forever

We have the opportunity to take this picturesque ancient woodland into our expert care, alongside a further 26 acres of land which we can carefully plant to buffer and protect the wood and its wildlife. 

In this part of the world, the chance to manage such a wonderful piece of ancient woodland and adjoining land for planting is exceptionally rare.

Avoncliff wood map

We need your help to keep this wood’s magic alive

If we can raise £355,000 by the end of December, we will be able to begin caring for Avoncliff immediately. Like many woods, Avoncliff has fallen victim to the deadly tree disease ash dieback, and so our help is crucial in order to reduce the effects of this devastating disease.

Avoncliff is currently not open to the public and historical paths have long since been reclaimed by the wood in the decades that it has been left sleeping. Under our ownership, we will do our best to allow people to experience some of the magic of the ancient wood while keeping it as natural and unspoiled as possible. We will ensure that there are paths through the new woodland which will form its protective shield.

With your help we can:

  • Keep 48 acres of rare and breathtakingly beautiful ancient woodland safe
  • Use an extra 26 acres of land to carefully plant trees to buffer the woodland and create a wildlife-rich mosaic of trees and open space
  • Begin the gradual re-awakening and growth of a magical wood that needs expert care and attention
  • Open up parts of the woodland fringe where access is possible, allowing people to experience some of the wonders of Avoncliff
  • Give people from the nearby villages of Avoncliff, Upper Westwood and Freshford and local schools the chance to get involved by planting trees and shaping the future of a vibrant new woodland on their doorstep.

Please help us protect this precious wood

We owe it to the people of the South West to take this hidden gem of a wood into our care, allowing its peaceful beauty to slumber on forever.

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